The Highest Quality of Learning That Our Children Deserve

Designed by a developmental psychologist, former early childhood educator and mother of a neurodiverse child. At Pequeñines our children come first.

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High Quality Experience

Small group class focusing on each individual and helping them with empathy and expertise to unleash their full potential.

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Family Oriented

We are a family who is devoted to providing for our son what we know he deserves. We will make sure your child feels the absolute same.

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Carefully Catered Environment

Designed by an experienced educator turned developmental psychologist our pod classroom is one of a kind like each one of its members. Your child will never

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Healthy Development

Organic learning focused on nature, children's interest with an incredible attention to detail.


Pequeñines Kindergarten

Has traditional education gone a route that's not fitting your family's needs? Have you considered home schooling but aren't sure where to start? Is your child atypical and you're struggling to find a place where they're being encouraged and not put aside in a classroom?

Welcome to Pequeñines Kindergarten! It was originally created for our son because after 15 years in the early childhood industry I fully understand what the children need to thrive in the most critical years of their development. As a mother, I want my child to develop into an emotionally healthy individual who will make the world a better place and not simply memorize concepts designed by a system that doesn't have our childrens' best interests in mind.


Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich

Early Childhood Professional / Speaker / Author

With over a decade of experience in a dozen countries around the world Dr. Nisnevich settled down in New York to make her own family but after creating and establishing two successful learning centers she quickly realized it was not the environment to raise her neurodiverse son. Working with children has been the biggest passion of her life and having a child of her own now she aims to create for him and many others the educational model that focuses on the things she has seen are necessary for children to thrive in our modern society no matter where they go or who they are meant to be.

Her education started with a Bachelors in Education followed by a Masters in Early childhood from the City College of New York and finally a PhD in Developmental Psychology.

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Born and raised in the Dominican Republic with a fully bilingual education, she started her career as an assistant teacher at the age of 15. And continued her path into the education field and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education.

Over the years, I was blessed with opportunities to travel over a dozen different countries teaching ESL and doing volunteer work in local communities. These opportunities not only enriched me professionally but culturally and opened my horizons to incredible people and added several other languages to my repertoire.

As a Director, I’ve tested my ability to plan, design and implement curriculums from many different regions of the world. I passionately love my work as I am confident that we can create an incredible journey for your children, with a lifetime of love for language and understanding what our different cultures have to offer.



Play based learni

Learning the way children learn. Through carefully catered age appropriate activities that never feel dull or boring.


Healthy Meals

Organic, homemade, nutritious meals


Friendly Place

Modern equipment and environmental friendliness.


Safe & Nurturing environment

CPR certification and all precautions taken to ensure the safety of all students.

Tuition & Calendar

Our lessons are organic and focused on play based learning. We observe the environment and derive our lessons from it. Our math is done utilizing rocks, leaves and other materials found during science class. We observe the life cycle of insects in our own backyard and derive our art lessons from them.


During cooking lessons we might collect the cucumbers we planted ourselves, taking pride in the fact that our hard work paid off. As in our own world everything at Pequenines is connected to provide the children with the ability to feel that we must care for one another as everything always comes full circle based on the effort we put forth.


Our Curriculum

A micro pod is a learning space with an attention to detail you won’t find elsewhere. Our tuition reflects the personalized attention, care and education put into the small group of children we serve. We understand you’d like the advantage of matching the pod schedule to your work schedule so we have two different schedules to offer with an enrichment option for extended hours.

We provide a bilingual curriculum based on organic / hands-on learning. Approached in the Reggio Emilia philosophy and incorporating the brand new “Nisnevich” approach designed by Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich based on her 15 years of early childhood education experience in and outside the classroom in over 30 different countries.

The curriculum combines STEM, Music, Art and individual exploration encouraging each unique individual in our group to develop a sense of self without boxing them to fit unhelpful standards.

We believe in education that prepares our students to be the best version of themselves for a bright future. Focusing on socio emotional development and core concepts in the logic, scientific and literacy realms.

Although we are open year round we observe national holidays and breaks. Please see our calendar for reference.